Cancer & Tumors

Tumor and cancer cells are cells that have gone “out of whack”! They just don’t do their job in terms of the functions each type of cell has to perform.
These impaired cells become “abnormal” for many reasons but a healthy immune system would be a first line of defence and destroy cells that are not functioning normally.
In a healthy organism the self-regulating physiological functions keep an optimised, self-healing body working optimally. Repairing and destroying affected cells is thus part of the function of the immune system and it takes place continuously.
For the immune system to work effectively requires a well functioning circulatory subsystem to supply the cells with oxygen and nutrients and to remove metabolic waste products. An effective blood circulatory system is thus very important and indeed necessary for life. That’s a very simplified explanation for the moment but our body’s biology is much more complex than that of course.
Also, it is important to understand that not all tumors are cancerous. There are benign tumors where the growth is limited to certain part of the body. A tumor becomes cancer when it is malignant. This means that a cancer can generate several secondary growth points thus invading vital parts of your body and spreading everywhere.
Just as all tumors are not cancerous, all cancer cases are also not characterized by tumor growth. For example, in case of blood cancer, there is no tumor involved. However, on appearance of a tumor, biopsy becomes very important to determine if its growth is malignant or benign.
A tumor may or may not develop into cancer. Cancer on the other hand is a malignant condition in which the spread of abnormal cellular growth could become uncontrollable.

Medical Treatment of Tumors and Cancers

Medication and treatment prescribed for tumors and cancer may be different.
Not all tumors are life-threatening. Even if a tumor is benign, doctors may recommend surgically removing it. Depending upon the location and size of the tumor, this surgery can be comparatively easy or it may take the patient months to heal.
Treatment options for cancer include surgery (surgically removing cancerous tissue), chemotherapy (using powerful chemicals to kill rapidly growing cancer cells), and radiation therapy (using high energy radiation to shrink tumors and kill cancer cells by damaging their DNA). Gene therapy is also being explored, which involves using DNA as a pharmaceutical agent to treat disease.

BEMER treatment

What significance has BEMER treatment in the case of tumors and cancers?

  • The BEMER treatment enhances the micro-circulation of the blood in the blood vessels down from the arterioles right down to capillaries where the oxygen / nutrients / waste removal takes place. This is called improved vascular functioning.
  • The BEMER indirectly improves the immune system and individual tumor cells can be effectively “dismantled”.
  • The BEMER enables the body to alleviate the often severe side effects of the massive onslaught of chemo and radiation therapy.
  • The BEMER enhances the body’s ability to regenerate after the chemo and radiation intervention.

Whilst no claims are made that the BEMER cures cancer or even tumors, (or cures anything for that matter) the BEMER has often been instrumental in some recoveries from cancer, especially skin cancer.

It has been demonstrated that

  • The BEMER does not initiate or promote tumors and cancers
  • The BEMER is safe to use concurrently with all other treatments
  • The BEMER will enhance the body’s ability to overcome the massive side effects of chemo and radiation treatment.
  • The BEMER is easy to use and over-dose or “wrong” application is impossible.