ChronicPain Relief

A.W Nurse, Petaluma CA

I have the MOST fantastic news to share with you!!
As many of you already know, I have been feeling absolutely wonderful for the last few months after years of grappling with chronic pain, arthritis, and depression. 
While I have started on new medications and have a fantastic team of health care providers and loving family, one important gift from my most generous Mother-In-Law, Sylvia, has made ALL the difference in my quality of life.  You know me, I am not a quack or someone who contacts people with every new product I like or use.  This health tool has SAVED my life…and made my life worth living and joyful again.   
As I’ve explained to so many loved ones, years of prolonged stress had finally taken their toll on me to the point that I was suicidal last December.  I surely felt as though the best years of my life were far behind me—lost in all the emotional pain and suffering for my son  Zachary’s struggle for life that for me later grew into physical pain and misery as his health deteriorated over several years. The emotional and financial stress of being his home nurse, dealing with a complex child so ill whose prognosis was so poor day after day ate away at any and all well-being I had. Finally, three years ago, we were blessed with miraculous news:  Zachary’s health was slowly improving!  As you all remember, just as he improved, I sank.  My guess is that the adrenaline rush of desperately taking any action that would save him finally wore off:  I was way beyond drained and needed so much more than a vacation.
Fast forward to this late winter…I had already crashed and hit bottom.  I could barely function and was stuck in a deep depression in which I could only get out of bed and provide the most basic care to my children during the day..  From December to February, I only made it out of my pajamas for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day–much less made it out of the house.  My entire family was so worried that I was gone off the deep edge.  My Mother-in-Law had been using the BEMER with good success for a few months, and so lovingly treated her children and grandchildren to the fantastic experience of deep relaxation and well-being that almost universally come with BEMER use… 
Several weeks later, my sense of well-being improved IMMENSELY!  Within FIVE days of using the BEMER, I was up and out of the house for daily walks with my husband, Mike.  I continued using the BEMER faithfully three times per day for 45 minute sessions, and within another week, I was able to meet friends for lunch and dinner…walks and long talks after months of isolation and deep depression.  Week after week, I’ve been feeling more and more like my old self again.
The past four months have been filled with incredible healing and increased health for me; I feel like I’ve been graced by a miracle.  In the past several weeks, I’ve even started feeling younger–the BEMER gives me so much energy, such a feeling of well-being!  I’m starting to feel about ten years younger as each day passes with two to three BEMER sessions per day.
 I want this experience for every single person on Earth–but mostly for YOU. 
A.W Nurse, Petaluma CA