Pain Relief

Alice Eckhardt

First treatment: 16 minutes x 1 level 3.
Found easing of pain.

Second treatment: 16 minutes x 1level 4-6
This was the first time I have not taken celebrex and pain tablets at night in 18 months. No constant pain only with certain movements.

Third treatment: 16 minutes x 1 level 6.
Cannot believe improvement, I keep expecting pain and there is none – only with sudden movements. Still find discomfort, but nothing noticeable. No tablets taken.

Fourth treatment: 16 minutes x 1 level 6-7
No pain and no tablets.

Fifth treatment: 16 minutes x 1 level 7-8
Still no pain, movements easier. No tablets.

Sixth treatment: 16 minutes x 1 level 8-9
No pain, I am able to move my right arm freely – still some discomfort with sudden movements. No tablets.

Seventh treatment: 16 minutes x 1 level 9-10.
Last treatment; found movements almost pain free (still discomfort with sudden movements). I have started sewing again, cleaned house, stove, windows (have not been able to do so in more than a year!) and test of all tests – ironing – with no ill effects. There was no pain, any sleepless nights because my arem ached so. No tablets.

To me this was a miracle to do simple things without fear of pain. Dr Oliver van Blerk can verify that I have had a problem for approximately 18 months. Although I could ill afford paying for pain and antiflam tablets, there was no choice, to keep functioning daily that was the only way, and as my Medicure limit had been exhausted.

It was recommended that I see a specialist to undergo an operation to my shoulder/arm, but that is no longer required. Thank God I waited!

Alice Eckhardt Bank, Manager Nedbank, Northcliff