Bossie & Hester Boshoff.

I received the BEMER NEWS today, and after having read the letters from a happy BEMER user I think that my own story is worth telling.

I am a retired Pharmacist suffering from Poly-arthritis Nodosa. I had a reconstructive operation to my right knie after I suffered major damage when a horse threw me. I developed a septic arthritis postoperative and was bedridden for 7 months. I was on massive drug doses after being diagnosed with the aforementioned condition (80mg Cortisone – 100mg Endoxan (cytostatic) as well as NSAID is daily). I was frequently hospitalized and the Orthopaedic surgeon advised me that a knee replacement was inevitable.

My wife had a back operation 2 years ago and during October 2002 she developed major complications. She was in constant severe pain and could not sit for more than 5 minutes at a time and hardly slept at all. After an MRI-scan a Neurosurgeon advised major surgery with fusion of 5 vertebrae. It was scheduled for 4.12.2002. We are both keen on keeping fit in spite of our problems and walked 2-3kms 5 times per week in spite of the discomfort and pain. I heard about the BEMER system from a colleague and attended the BEMER presentation and training session in Mid Rand during the latter part of November 2002. I was quite impressed by the possibilities that the presenter outlined and bought a BEMER unit for my own use. The instrument was delivered to me in Pretoria on 26.11.2002. We started immediately with an intensive treatment schedule.

Now the wonderful news!!!! Both my wife and I experienced an immediate beneficial response. We took the instrument with when we visited our kids in Cape Town for Christmas so we could continue treatment. We visited Kirstenbosch Gardens and speculated on climbing the JC Smuts trail but it was too late and we returned to Bellville. We mentioned our idea to our children and they thought we were a bit dilly. We thought it to be a challenge and on Monday 30.12.2002 we attempted our “assault” on Table Mountain. We set off from Kloof Nek at 08h00, walked the route passing under the Cable Way and climbed to the top via Platteklip Gorge, reaching the summit at 13h10. We were absolutely ecstatic and our children could not believe it. We took the cable car down and after a nice hot shower we both hand an M2 treatment and a good nap. The most unbelievable aspect is that we had NO PAIN OR STIFF MUSCLES THE NEXT DAY!!!!! We are 66 and 57 years old respectively.

Since my return I have started a clinic treating 9 patients at the moment with absolutely marvellous and sometimes unbelievable results. We are pleased with our BEMER and recommend it far and wide. Two of my friends have bought BEMERs due to the wonderful results we have had with ours.

Kind Regards
Bossie & Hester Boshoff.