Mr. Fluffy, 15 year old Persian
Mr. Fluffy loves the Bemer!!!  Since he’s been receiving regular Bemer sessions, his overall health and vitality have improved considerably.  As you can see, he’s in Bemer Bliss here!  He saw me setting up the Bemer cushion and immediately plopped himself onto it and fell asleep on Level 1.  He’s still there resting peacefully as I am writing this.
Before the Bemer, Mr. Fluffy was making regular trips to the vet each month for a thyroid condition and ongoing infections.  These visits were traumatic for all of us and regularly included tests which are very costly.  According to the vet, surgery was the next step.  Since Mr. Fluffy has been receiving regular Bemer sessions, he is more relaxed, has a good appetite, has better control of his bowels, and is so much happier – and he does not miss going to the vet!

Harry, 15 year old Persian mix
Harry is in Bemer Bliss here on the mat!  According to Harry, the Bemer belongs to him, and he generously allows us to use it when he’s busy doing something else (like eating).  He waits for his Bemer sessions in the morning; and if I am not fast enough for him, he howls.  He has taught me to not keep him waiting!   Whenever I am on the Bemer, he joins me on the mat and then sleeps on it most of the day.  Harry now has more vitality, enjoys playing again, and is a much happier fellow!  His skin condition has cleared up, his fur is softer and sleeker, and he purrs a lot more these days!
Harry and Mr. Fluffy were both requiring visits to the vet regularly.  The Bemer has saved us all a lot of time, money, and stress!  It’s so good to see them both happy and getting healthier!
THANK YOU BEMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!