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Amputation wound treatment

My daughter, Megan, was involved in a motor vehicle accident on the 17 November 2001. Her right leg was seriously injured. In fact, it was half amputated at the scene of the accident. She was rushed to Milnerton Medi-Clinic where a 6 hour operation was performed to try and save her leg. The main problem was that her artery was severed. A plastic artery was inserted, but unfortunately a few hours later blood clots formed not allowing blood flow to her foot and her foot “died”. Amputation of the lower limb was performed immediately, which took another 4 hours.

The next few weeks were very difficult as Megan’s phantom pain caused her great distress. The medication prescribed for her did not seem to help. Three weeks after her accident her grandmother (her best friend) passed away, a very trying time for us all.

In the beginning of January her wound became infected and there was an area of about 7cms in length, 2cms in width and 1 cm in depth that caused the plastic surgeon concern. I had to take Megan to him twice a week for check ups. Instead of her wound closing, it was “bursting” open. He then mentioned that he might have to take Megan back into theatre. I could not allow this to happen as Megan (and )) would emotionally not cope with yet another theatre session.

I was referred to the Innomed Clinic and we attended the very same day. Even after as little as three sessions we could see a very definite improvement. By the time we had to see the plastic surgeon again, Megan has had five sessions of Magnetic Field Therapy. He was amazed at the improvement. No more theatre!

We have been attending every day since, with very positive results. Her wound is now 4cms in length and about 0,5cms in depth. She never had the courage to look at her leg, but now that she knows it is improving, not only does she look at it, but also she inspects it! She would never show anybody her wounds, but now all her friends and our friends have to have a look. She is so excited. No words can describe the gratefulness and thankfulness for the quality of life restored to Megan.

Thank you, Cheree.