Kenny Roberts

Hi, I’m Kenny Roberts and I am an average league tennis player. My 15-year-old daughter, Carmen is a very good tournament player.

She was junior S.A. doubles champion u/12 in 1998 as well as in the top five in singles. She was always playing one or another kind of injury. The last two years her injuries got very bad and she was on and off the court. We went to many doctors, specialists and physiotherapists, but to no avail. We even went to a witch doctor. Nothing helped.

In the meantime I was also suffering from a shoulder problem and went the same route as Carmen. Nothing helped.

Playing tennis is very tough on the muscles and joints, and we were at our wits end. Must we stop playing tennis or start playing with our left hand? Then I saw the advert for another type of treatment – Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy. At first I was very skeptical. Why would this treatment work? Eventually after a couple of weeks I decided to phone them. I told them that I was very skeptical because of past experiences.
How wrong I was! After only 7 treatments each we could already feel the difference. After about two weeks of treatments we felt no pain. As a precautionary measure we are still having treatment.
Hopefully we will be training at 100% soon. I believe this type of treatment will also help for a lot of other people with injuries or sickness.
We are really grateful and thankful for the friendly and always helpful staff at Innomed, Claremont.
We are really looking forward to a pain free future, thanks to you.
Kenny Roberts