M-A, France

W.R.H. APRIL 1, 2008
I’m 68 years old and got a double fracture of my right leg from skiing. The head of the fibula was fractured beneath the knee, which is negligible, but my tibia had a spiral fracture above the ankle bone. This fracture required surgery: installation of a plate secured with 10 screws and a 20-cm incision closed with 25 staples and 5 stitches. My leg was black and blue and swollen.
I didn’t start using the “Bemer” until a couple weeks later and not very consistently at that. However, I noticed an immediate drop in pain and a noticeable reduction of hematoma and edema (I was also taking Arnica and Belladone in homeopathic granules at the same time).
Seeing such good results, I purchased the device, as I did not intend to use crutches for 3 months. Adding insult to injury, I broke the head of my right radius with a very substantial displacement. The result was 2 pins and a very bothersome resin. But I had the Bemer: starting with the very first day, I was able to wash and dress myself on my own while getting around in a wheelchair. I stopped all painkillers on the third day. Since then, I’ve been managing very well at home (my home is handicapped accessible). After 4 weeks, my fibula fracture was no longer visible. I was given permission to put a partial load on my right leg after 5 weeks. It has now been 7 weeks since my leg fracture and, without any physical therapy other than my own, I can walk without limping and feel capable of walking normally, but I’m waiting for the go-ahead from the medical authorities. My x-rays show that a bone bridge has formed and that the plate is not moving. As for my arm, I have virtually regained the use of my hand: I can write, paint, and peel vegetables… all without any pain. The pins will be removed in 3 weeks.
That’s what I can say about the Bemer, and yet I was not initially a believer. The Bemer method is not a placebo; it accelerates the natural process for a person who is in good health, gets regular exercise, does not smoke, does not drink (except socially), and who eats a healthy diet…
I have convinced a friend suffering from severe osteoporosis, and her daughter-in-law, an American in San Francisco, is going to contact you.
I tried to be as precise as possible and I hope that this testimonial will be of use to you.
P.S: I am a teacher of Life and Earth Sciences (Biology + Geology) and I have the equivalent of a DEA [Diploma of Advanced Studies] in Geology.
I used to teach junior and senior year science and I also prepared adults for the oral portion of the internal CAPES and “Agrégation” examinations. As a result, I have some scientific knowledge.
M-A, France