Mathilda Hartzenberg.

I am Mathilda Hartzenberg. I am 57 yrs old.
For the past 25 years I have suffered from spinal problems, arthritis and have undergone 8 operations in both knees, which resulted in my experiencing such intense pain that I was in agony every day.
I tried everything from doctors, chiropractors and homeopaths etc. without any joy. My stomach became so sensitive to all the medications I was taking that I had to make a choice – either aches and pains – or less pain and a stomach that kills me. I chose aches and pains until I read about the INNOMED CLINIC, which treats clients with Electro-Magnetic-Field therapy.
After my first treatment I slept like a baby. After my second treatment I thought that I had made a mistake taking the treatment, because my body ached and throbbed like never before. I consulted with the therapist who was glad because that was a positive sign that things were happening in my body.
My neck and shoulders are completely better, my knees are pain-free for the first time in many years and my lower back has improved so much that I can turn myself over at night without asking my husband for help.
I want to thank the INNOMED CLINIC for what they have done for me, after so many years of suffering and lots of money spent.