Rheumatoid Arthritis

I received my Bemer 3000 Plus Complete on September 21, 2007, just two days after I ordered it. That in itself was a miracle, since I live in California and it came from Florida J
I’ve been using it daily since then, sometimes 3 or 4 times a day, following the Basic Program, and then using the Intensive Applicator and, more recently, the SLA Light Applicator.
I purchased it to assist with a very aggressive case of rheumatoid arthritis, which first appeared late May 2007 and had all but crippled me by mid July, just 2 months later.
Beginning early July 2007 I was no longer able to walk other than minimally – around the house and a little outdoors. My left knee was swollen and stiff and complained a lot when I walked. Not long after, my left foot became swollen, stiff, and painful. I was also tired and slept a lot, and my energy was very low. Before June I was accustomed to walking 1 to 2 hours daily, and I was very active, energetic and productive throughout the day.
Climbing the stairs in my home became very strenuous and difficult. My appetite had diminished and my body had grown weak. To climb the stairs I would go one step by one step, and pull myself along with the hand rail. I had also lost weight and I was giving away clothes since most everything I had looked baggy.
My left foot was so swollen I could only wear my Birkenstock sandals, which I loosened considerably on the left foot. By late July my left knee was stiff, swollen and permanently bent, maybe a 15 degree angle, further limiting my ability to walk comfortably.
Because of the pain, swelling and discomfort, I was also taking Ibuprofen pills, starting with one every week or two, up to at least 6 or 8 a day. These helped with mobility in walking, easing the pain and discomfort, and allowing me to sleep better at night.
Since about mid November, 2 months after receiving my Bemer, I’ve been off of the pain medications. I’m much more mobile, walking one half to one hour at a time with only a little discomfort. The swelling is down in my feet so that I’m able to wear my warm and snug zip-up winter boots. The swelling in my knee is greatly reduced, my leg is now normally straight, and my foot flexes when I walk, with little or no distortion or limping.
My appetite has returned, I’ve gained at least 10 pounds, and weigh at least as much as before all this began. One of the coolest changes is that now I can go up and down the stairs in a normal way, without pulling myself up by holding the railing. And whereas before I would sleep a great deal of the day, I’m now active, productive and energetic for most of the day. The best part is I now have my life back, thanks to my Bemer and the increased energy and blood circulation it has given me. I’m so happy and grateful, and I’m once again looking forward to a vibrant and healthy life for years to come!

SA, Sacramento, CA