ChronicPain Relief

SE, Minnesota

I started using the Bemer3000 in the fall of 2000 for chronic back pain.  As a teenager growing up on a farm, many times I was lifting more than my own body weight.  Such began even before my skeleton structure was fully developed.  This resulted in approximately 25 years of chronic back pain and countless medications.
 After 6 weeks with the Bemer and still on meds, I still was not noticing any pain relief.  At this stage I was ready to quit using the Bemer.  My then, 17 year old daughter however was experiencing almost immediate positive results from her severe migraines.  Her success was virtually the only reason that I kept using the Bemer.
 In the 7th week I started noticing a remarkable reduction in pain plus improved vitality.  By the end of the 8th week all pain was gone.  Also gone ever since have been my pain meds.
 For many, like my daughter, Bemer therapy can be almost instantaneous.  For others, such as myself, noticeable signs of improvement have taken several weeks.
 Please take it from a 57 year young farm kid/entrepreneur – “Be patient with your Bemer therapy.  Your health, wellness, and fitness will be improved!”  Even after almost 7 years,
I still use my Bemer3000 a minimum of once or twice a day to stay healthy and pain free.
 May you have similar positive results whether immediate or a little later on.
SE, Minnesota