Severe Autoimmune/Raynaud disease

I am 31 years old female .Over 16 years ago,I was diagnosed by Doctors at Stanford Hospital with Severe Autoimmune /Raynaud diease and was treated with Meds that made me very  sick . My mother was told by the MD’s “take her home ,we have nothing for her “. I always had severe menstrual pain every month ,under weight ,pale and fatigued ,depressed and cold .
I was seen by Farideh 14 years ago and learned to make major lifestyle changes and follow healthful nutrition etc .
Last year following a trip abroad ,I became grossly fatigued ,depressed with pain in the torso and back .I misscarried the pregnancy that I wanted so much . I recieved six months of accupuncture without significant result.
I contacted Farideh and  told her I needed to get well and wished to get pregnant .She suggested first I needed to get my strength back ,so upon her recommendation ,and with much reluctance I began using BEMER device ,in addition to nutritinal program .
 I could feel an improvement within a few days. The energy improvement kept increasing every day. But above all by sixth week and my second period ,I was totally pain free(no need to take analgesics, that had plagued me for 17 years) ,by second month I was pregnant. I had excellent BEMER pregnancy ,incredibly normal delivery and gave birth to a beautiful healthy BEMER baby ,who recied BEMER session as soon as it came out !!.I developed some internal lacerations that would have caused me pain, swelling ,difficulty urinating. I had no complications whatsoever, and took no pain meds.
I continue using BEMER for both of us .
I live a normal to hectic life . I am grateful to BEMER technology ,and a healthy baby .I believe  every pregnant mother needs to consider BEMER sessions to protect their health and that of the baby.
Mary Ly