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Tinnitus Testimonials

K S, 53 years, male. Suffers from Tinitus for 8 years.

BEMER Therapy applied: First week Mat Base Program (M3) daily. Second week continued with Mat Base Program (M4) plus Intensive Applicator (P2) twice daily behind the affected ear.

Result: After 3 months, highly improved situation of the affected ear
Person has become more relaxed and enjoys general wellbeing.

K M H, 50 years, male. Suffers from Tinitus and sleep disorders.

BEMER Therapy applied: Daily application of Mat Base Program (initially M3) followed with P1 behind the affected ear. Before going to bed a session on the Mat with M1.

Result: Sleep disorder completely disappeared after 4 weeks of treatment. Tinitus much improved after 6 weeks and treatment continues.

Source: Academy for BioEnergetics, (AFB) Liechtenstein.

“From June 2000 I experienced a ringing in my ear as a result of an extremely emotionally stressful period in my family life.
At first I did not notice the ringing but as the months passed I become more conscious of it. I then went to an ENT specialist who assured me that there was no clinical abnormality, however that the ringing or buzzing was something I would have to live with. Since then I have used various types of therapy to address this problem, with varied success.
I then read about the Magnetic Field Therapy and once I established where I would receive the treatment, and made an appointment 3 weeks ago. My initial response after the 1st appointment was that I felt more energized and was able to manage my stress much better. As the 2nd week of treatment proceeded I noticed my sleep patterns had improved and together with better energy levels, felt that my Tinnitus was under better management. 3 Weeks later I can honestly say that the buzzing in my ear seems to have lessened by 25% and because it is stress related, I am conscious of the buzzing when under stress.
Since Tinnitus is neurological and it seems limbic, I believe that once all the factors around the symptom is address i.e. exhaustion, and better sleeping patterns, the Tinnitus is then addressed.
I hope to continue with the BEMER should I find that the condition continues but does not improve. I would appreciate any research findings using BEMER in the treatment of Tinnitus.”

John Warley 12/04/02