General Health

TS, Montreal, Canada

I am a professor of French linguistics and literature at the University of Montreal. I have serious responsibilities and sometimes experience heavy stress. As I was writing my doctoral thesis, I started to have a migraine on the left side of the nape of my neck rising up to the top of my skull and numbing the entire left side of my head. This extremely unpleasant sensation of tension sometimes kept me from working and even sleeping, and often compromised my wellbeing. I had also been experiencing back pain for some ten years, especially between the shoulder blades, probably due to the posture I kept during long hours of studying literature.
Last March I came to stay with a friend, who was nice enough to install a Bemer mattress on the guest bed she provided for me. After the very first few nights, I experienced the relaxation provided to me by the mattress, on which I would unknowingly fall asleep after a few minutes. But more importantly, after a few days of this treatment my migraine completely disappeared! And so did the tension in my back!
I now have a Bemer mattress at home, which I use daily. Sometimes I lend it out to friends for a few weeks so they can discover its benefits. After about one week without the Bemer, my headache returns and once again disrupts my wellbeing, and my back starts to hurt again, as well. As soon as I get it back and have a few sessions on it, the relaxation returns and I forget the very existence of the pains that had handicapped me for so many years, in spite of treatment with physical therapy, acupuncture, and meditation…
I am now convinced of the effectiveness of the mattress, which has freed me from the nearly perpetual suffering of which I was previously unable to rid myself.
TS, Montreal, Canada