Conditions for a BEMER Rental

The Rental is R 2000 per month, VAT included; plus R 280 for the first month.
This covers the Courier charges with which we send the BEMER to you anywhere in SA. Thereafter it will be R 2000 per month.

The BEMER Rental Order Form has to be filled in and emailed to As soon as we have received it, we make out an Invoice with your particulars and when you have sent us proof of payment we will courier the BEMER off to you.

There is an instruction booklet for the device and using the BEMER is really very easy.
R 2280 have to be paid up front before the first month rental commences. The rental period can commence on any day of the month.  We will supply you with a R 2000 Invoice every month as you may wish to extend or terminate your rental on a monthly basis. If you wish to extend the renting period the monthly payment of R2000 has to be paid up front.

Special offer from our side:  Should you decide to invest in a new BEMER System (B.Classic or B Professional) for yourself at the end of any monthly rental period, we will subtract one months rental - ie R 2000 - from the System purchase price.

If there are any further questions please do not hesitate to email us your questions but note that many questions will be answered also on the website under Webinars, FAQ and other information.

Note: The BEMER Rental Unit we send to you is an older model of the BEMER System that was replaced during 2010 after considerable re-design and based on more medical research. The Rental Units would be applied every 3 to 4 hours while the the new generation B.Classic and B.Professional found elsewhere on this website have a much longer time span between treatments. The new generation BEMERs have been improved and represent the state of the art of physical vascular BEMER Systems.
However even with the original BEMER Rental Unit you will see the difference rather quickly – depending on the type of condition you are treating yourself for.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.