The official distributor of BEMER in Southern Africa

The BEMER Physical Vascular System was designed and developed during the late Nineties in Germany, by the BEMER International AG, a global corporation with hundreds of employees and thousands of independent representatives worldwide.

BEMER is the sole distributor of the BEMER System in southern Africa since 1999.

With over a million applications per day in over 40 countries, our evidence of BEMER's unique position is well established.

"BEMEROLOGY" is the scientific explanation relating to the physiological regulation effects achieved by means of the BEMER Therapy System.

The major physiological parameters that are quantifiable, repeatable and consistently improved with BEMER treatment are, inter alia

  • Micro circulation
  • Macro circulation
  • Partial oxygen pressure
  • Protein bio-synthesis
  • ATP production
  • Immune system
  • Analgesic and anti-oxidation regulation
  • Repair mechanisms
  • BEMER Information Session

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