Refuting false claims

Many people are initially very skeptical when hearing about the BEMER and its effect it has on the body. Skepticism is good, but finding out the truth is more important. So read up, listen to testimonials, watch the videos and listen to the webinars and then develop an opinion based on facts.

If you research about the BEMER on the internet you will find a lot of positive information but also not unexpectedly, some strong nay-sayers. Strong in their pronouncements but mainly wrong in their "alternative facts". Sometimes total BS and/or straight-forward lying!  Fake Facts, Alternative Truth and Fake News seem to be on the rise in all fields and are the new form of spreading lies!  These days some politicians are really good at this. 

Sometimes some medical practitioners hold fast to a paradigm of “not taught at medical school” hence no good. Others are simply not scientific enough in their understanding. And we don’t all have to be of a scientific bent.

After all, we all know what gravity is, its consequences when we go against the laws of gravity. We all know that it is in operation ALL THE TIME and yet few people would be able to give a scientific explanation of gravity. Most people can use a cell phone and its apps very well but you don’t have to be a scientist to understand it. But it would be outright irrational to deny a cell phone can work, just because you don’t understand how it works.

It is especially sad when professionals such as a medical practitioner, indeed a specialist surgeon on the internet makes claims and assertions which are totally unscientific, devoid of even a factual basis. It clearly shows the person to be ignorant of the BEMER and yet biased against it for whatever reason. Never seen a BEMER, never worked with it. Knows nothing about it. Amazing – one wonders what the motive might be.

Or an academic who goes on a tirade in a foreign country about the BEMER and makes statements which sound credible because he is an academic but are totally and dare I say willfully, off the mark.

Another negative website starts with the Heading “Before you buy a BEMER read this…..” and they proceed to discredit the BEMER with false statements to promote their own product with very old technology. Now that’s a pretty cheap shot of dissing the perceived competition and poor marketing to say the least. Does it work for them? I doubt it, as we are still here with a large customer base since 1999, have the BEMER registered as a Class 2a Medical Device, and they,…..have disappeared from the SA scene.

With regard to BEMER, it’s the sort of thing that's part of business life in the internet age when you are successful. At first I responded quickly to these falsehoods and explained it all at length to the ignorant / arrogant and mean spirited people - now I got used to it.  I let it be! Such people cannot be convinced of the reality with facts that don’t fit their paradigm. For such people I can only say, “You can’t argue with ignorance and arrogance”.

In fact, today I would go as far as saying “The BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy has no competitors, only admirers and also no detractors because the BEMER simply WORKS for those who try it and experience it!”

So again, what does the BEMER actually do?

1.) The BEMER EFFECT is a tangible, measurable, repeatable and medically verifiable improvement in the micro-circulation
2.) The RESULTS are an improvement in the particular condition as roughly 40 000 of the 45 000 conditions / ailments that can befall us human beings benefit from an improved circulation at that level.
3.) The OUTCOME: BEMER treatment is easy to use, safe, has no negative side-effects, can be used in the comfort of your home at any age from infant to the aged, for almost ALL conditions and has over 1 million daily applications in over 40 countries with a high level of efficacy. 

You could say it’s a no-brainer to at least try it out.

This of course can also be used 

a) as a maintenance situation in generally healthy persons, 
b) as improvement of quality of life of the aged, 
c) in high performance sport where the perfusion of oxygen is highly dependent on effective blood circulation and 
d) rehabilitation of injuries in sport or 
e) in the event of post-surgery for accelerated healing.

It is this wide application and the positive benefits which make the therapy "suspect" in the eyes of the medical professional practitioner who treat mainly on a symptom-treatment paradigm but is at the same time also sought after by those who suffer chronic ailments and pain conditions that are apparently not treatable at all or with medication that promises no cure but has potentially serious side effects. 

By "trying out" the BEMER with a consistent short term treatment plan, the greater odds for some or even massive improvements will be largely realized and overall improvement in health, vitality and wellness will be raised considerably. 

As I said:
“The BEMER has no competitors, only admirers”